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Adding features or services to keep sales strong

Posted on 24 July, 2013

Smartphones have become integrated into consumers' daily lives. The devices allow users to check email, play games, purchase goods and more, and their small size allows them to be carried everywhere. Bloomberg reports that more than $293.9 billion worth of the gadgets were sold last year alone.

As the market grows, manufacturers are rushing to release products with greater appeal to consumers. This often means experimenting with potential features such as larger screen sizes and waterproofing. While the overall design and purpose of smartphones may remain the same, adding various elements could improve customer experiences to help drive sales.

Changing product design or offering new services are common strategies in sectors that are nearing maturity. As the rate of growth slows down, businesses need to find new ways to attract customers and generate new sales from existing clients. Successfully transitioning into this business strategy requires a deep understanding of the target audience. Fortunately, technology is helping companies capture useful feedback from customers.

Listening to the audience
Practical eCommerce stated that social media tools are allowing businesses to monitor conversations with potential customers.These programs create insights that can lead to profitable product changes. Consumers typically take to the Internet and social media to complain about product failures and their frustrations. Being active in addressing these concerns may boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Listening to the audience is an essential skill in today's competitive economy. Engaging workers to collect feedback about performance, product design and customer service, among other things, will let businesses maintain large, loyal followings by making continual adjustments to their operations.

The ability to listen to audiences is vital in the B2B sector, as it allows companies to expand their niches. Existing clients may experience changes within their industries and require new services, software or product features as a result. By continually collecting feedback, businesses can adjust their goods and services to better serve their audience, keeping themselves at the front of their industries.

The performance and reliability of a company's products or services can have a direct impact on customer experience quality. Omega Management Group Corp. offers a market intelligence program designed to help companies gain unsurpassed insight into the linkage between product attributes and customer satisfaction and loyalty to provide consistently superior customer experiences.