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Customers buying from firms that share their values

Posted on 22 August, 2013

The growth of social media has given consumers a significant amount of power in their relationships with companies. Customers are able to organize and carry out protests and boycotts, or raise awareness of issues through online tools. This has made it extremely important that companies examine their values to ensure these are properly aligned with the principles of their audiences. 

"More and more consumers [are saying], 'If I'm supporting this company by buying a product or investing in it, I want to make sure it supports my personal values, and I don't want to buy from a company that doesn't,'" said Dara ... Read More...

Maximize customer satisfaction with an effective return policy

Posted on 20 August, 2013

Tracking customer activity enables businesses to deal with complex situations in a way that delivers positive customer experiences. Perhaps no situation is as complicated as return policies. The firm wants the customer to be satisfied, but also wants to avoid losing a sale. Fortunately, there are customer retention strategies that enable firms to maintain a positive relationship with clients even returns are necessary.

Daily Finance noted that businesses in every industry are using data analysis tools to improve customer service strategies. By improving their understanding of which items are most likely to be returned, companies can take appropriate steps to correct the situation. ... Read More...

Analytics helping firms identify promising customers

Posted on 06 August, 2013

Every company wants to expand its audience and capitalize on new markets. The need for growth makes it tempting to develop customer experience management (CEM) strategies that try to appeal to everyone. However, not all audiences will be satisfied with the products or services that an organization is able to provide.

To generate any success at retaining customers, businesses need to have a firm understanding of clients' expectations and strive to meet these objectives. TechRepublic reported that big data was helping businesses identify and appeal to customers. By collecting and analyzing purchasing patterns, customer satisfaction, repeat sales and more, companies are able to gain ... Read More...

Building an innovative company to improve customer satisfaction

Posted on 05 August, 2013

Innovative products can generate a large amount of interest and help drive sales. They also play a key role in customer retention programs by keeping firms on the cutting edge of their industries.

Encouraging innovation is an important step to expanding into new markets and overcoming obstacles. Successfully adapting to new conditions depends on having everyone within an organization working toward common goals. However, it can be difficult to instill a forward-thinking mindset in staff members.

Forbes noted that organizations often miss on new product designs by not taking the customer experience into account. Failing to understand what the audience needs and how to deliver ... Read More...

Employee engagement boosts results of training programs

Posted on 31 July, 2013

Highly trained sales staff or call center agents can provide customers with an engaging experience that helps build brand loyalty. The better the interactions between potential leads and employees, the more likely customers are to recommend a company to others. This dynamic can drive revenue growth, which is why businesses often spend a significant amount of time and money training their workers.

However, a white paper by The Forum states that employee engagement can have a large influence on the success of training programs. Earlier this year, two professors from Northwestern University measured the improvement of state workers attending a two-day workshop. They ... Read More...

Firms learning to embrace social media in their CEM strategies

Posted on 31 July, 2013

Consumer experiences are rapidly changing as technology opens new service channels. Online sales, mobile applications and social media all play a vital role in customer satisfaction and retention, and yet 10 years ago, these technologies were just getting off the ground.

This rapid change is forcing businesses to examine their customer experience management strategies and make significant changes to policies and practices. In particular, social media is playing an ever-growing role in customer experiences. CRM Buyer reported that 60 percent of consumers 18 to 24 years old will go to social media channels when they have an issue. Older generations also commonly ... Read More...

Adding features or services to keep sales strong

Posted on 24 July, 2013

Smartphones have become integrated into consumers' daily lives. The devices allow users to check email, play games, purchase goods and more, and their small size allows them to be carried everywhere. Bloomberg reports that more than $293.9 billion worth of the gadgets were sold last year alone.

As the market grows, manufacturers are rushing to release products with greater appeal to consumers. This often means experimenting with potential features such as larger screen sizes and waterproofing. While the overall design and purpose of smartphones may remain the same, adding various elements could improve customer experiences to help drive sales.

Changing product design or offering new services are common strategies in sectors ... Read More...

Creating seamless transitions to improve customer experiences

Posted on 24 July, 2013

Some companies have very committed sales forces capable of leading potential clients down the sales path, but once customers are handed off to other departments, communication may break down to create frustrating experiences.

Businesses in every industry could benefit from addressing internal transfers and streamlining the hand-off from sales to customer service. Smoothing these procedures could improve customer satisfaction to boost revenue and drive company growth. The Denver Business Journal stated that marketing concepts can be used to improve customer service. Taking the time to explore where problems occur and understand the frustration of patrons gives organizations guidance on where to make adjustments internally.

One ...

Product design influential in customer satisfaction

Posted on 12 July, 2013

It seems like new technology is created all the time. Developers of software, smartphones and more are continually adding features and refining their products to provide a better customer experience.

How products perform directly influences customer satisfaction and drives sales. BlackBerry's recent product launch underperformed in part because the device was unable to access office accounts using Microsoft Outlook, CNBC reported. The BlackBerry 10 had been marketed as the mobile business tool executives needed, but was unable to deliver on this promise. As a result, sales were poor and the company continues to struggle to attract new investors.

Successful product launches deliver something ...

Mobile customer experiences help improve loyalty

Posted on 02 July, 2013

Mobile devices have significantly altered the customer experience. Consumers regularly use smartphones and tablets to check reviews, compare prices and interact with their favorite brands. Many retailers are finding that the biggest return on the new channel is additional customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A survey by EPiServer found that retailers are heavily committed to mobile strategies, with 61 percent of respondents stating they have a plan in place. A significant portion (46 percent) of organizations with mobile strategies use the new channel to provide more personalized communications to engage audiences and create loyal followers.

"As e-commerce powerhouses like Amazon and eBay make ... Read More...