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Social media engagement depends on content

Posted on 26 August, 2013

Social media can no longer be considered a fad, as it has become ingrained in consumers' everyday lives. The Pew Research Center noted that 72 percent of adults who are online use social networking sites to connect with friends, colleagues and even businesses.

The rapid growth of the channel has created a handful of challenges for businesses. Among those issues is how to provide engaging customer experiences. CIO Today reported that many companies have made social media part of their contact center strategies, and clients are able to ask questions via Facebook or Twitter to receive a faster response. The tactic has helped ... Read More...

Understand customer expectations to earn loyalty

Posted on 22 August, 2013

When businesses expand into new regions, they are met with challenges that can limit customer satisfaction. The customers within various countries or regions often have different expectations for pricing, services, products and more, making existing customer experience strategies less effective.

This is exactly what has happened with Target, according to a survey by Forum Research. The U.S.-based company expanded into Canada five months ago with a significant amount of marketing geared at capturing the new audience's attention and generating a large, loyal following. Unfortunately, the company has failed when it comes to customer service. CBC reported that just 27 percent of Target's ... Read More...

Survey shows cable providers rank last in customer satisfaction

Posted on 22 August, 2013

Strong customer service can help businesses attract new customers and retain existing clients. However, many organizations fail to implement policies that make any improvements in this area, resulting in poor customer experiences. This seems to be particularly true for cable and internet providers, who collectively scored the lowest on a recent customer service survey by the Temkin Group.

The study examined 19 industries, and television service providers ranked last, with no organization scoring above 30 percent satisfaction, TechSpot reported. Internet service firms were not much better, reaching customer satisfaction rates of 30 to 32 percent. The low scores are a significant problem for businesses ... Read More...

Technology enhances rather than replaces customer retention programs

Posted on 20 August, 2013

Customer retention strategies are becoming much more reliant on technology. As interactions between organizations and their customers occur over a growing number of channels, businesses need the software and tools that enable them to deliver the personalized experiences that consumers expect.

Technology is shifting how businesses are able to capture or deliver information, which is altering customer experiences. Patrons can connect with service personnel at anytime from any location through a smartphone or tablet. This is shifting many organizations' focuses onto the tools and software being used to track customer satisfaction, conversion rates and other indicators of a positive customer experience.

CMSWire ...

Technical support becoming essential to customer experience

Posted on 20 August, 2013

IT departments typically don't view themselves as essential customer service tools, but they can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and retention.

InformationWeek reported that IT departments are becoming more integrated with customer service every day. Software, data analysis programs, mobile devices and other technology-specific products can create challenges for patrons lacking the right skills or knowledge. When something goes wrong or breaks, they turn to the company that sold the item to fix the problem.

This is particularly true in the B2B sector, where Software-as-a-Service products are designed to streamline business processes and boost operational efficiency. Problems with SaaS or other ... Read More...

Win new social media followers with positive customer experiences

Posted on 13 August, 2013

Social media has become a vital tool for enhancing customer experiences. Social networks give businesses a way to continue conversations, streamline customer service and connect similar-minded parties. This can provide a significant boost to sales and help increase brand awareness.

Popular Mechanics reported that the group setting of social media often influences consumer behavior. Citing a study appearing in scientific journal Science, the source noted that positive comments and likes on social media contributed to a 25-percent higher rating for postings. The more positive comments were left, the more likely other consumers were going to also like the posts. This snowball effect ... Read More...

Digital interactions play pivotal role in customer satisfaction

Posted on 01 August, 2013

The introduction of new service channels has considerably changed customer expectations. Consumers now regularly go online to check reviews, compare prices and determine which products they want to buy, which means businesses need to update their customer experience management (CEM) strategies to meet expectations and drive sales.

Wired stated that the customer experience was becoming increasingly digital. Not only do patrons use social media, mobile and online services to make purchases and interact with organizations, they expect these channels to be integrated with traditional sales channels to provide more engaging experiences. Most firms understand the importance of online interactions but struggle to ... Read More...

Websites provide unique challenges for creating positive customer experiences

Posted on 24 July, 2013

Positive customer experiences greatly enhance the relationships between consumers and businesses. The interactions during the sales process often determine how much a patron will spend and whether he or she will return to make additional purchases in the future.

Most organizations understand the importance of quality customer service during face-to-face interactions. A helpful and professional staff member can make the difference between a purchase and a lost opportunity. The same principle applies to online interactions, but unfortunately there are a number of challenges to overcome to improve consumers' online experiences.

ABC reported that companies have a smaller window of time to impress customers within digital sales ... Read More...

Creating customer experiences that meet expectations

Posted on 20 July, 2013

An outstanding customer experience can help businesses close deals on big accounts and create successful marketing campaigns by keeping potential leads moving along the sales path. The interactions during this stage are also essential to generate referrals and repeat sales. Only clients who have been shown respect and professional service will recommend an organization to friends, family and co-workers.

Unfortunately, not every customer experience goes as planned. Occasionally, companies miss opportunities to complete sales and retain patrons. Often these incidents are created by a disconnect between what customers expect and what business are able to provide, according to Duct Tape Marketing.

Guest blogger Peter Sandeen ...

Engaging customers after a sale to drive loyalty

Posted on 12 July, 2013

Having an effective sales process can help companies convert potential leads and generate additional revenue. However, it is what happens after a purchase that can have the biggest influence on customer satisfaction.

A recent white paper by UPS stated that organizations should improve their efforts to engage customers after transactions are complete. Adjusting customer retention programs to focus on logistics and social media could help companies boost their repeat sales and build loyal followings. The UPS study found that while online retailers had a high level of overall customer satisfaction, consumers expressed interest in having additional flexibility when it came to choosing shipping options, dates or ... Read More...