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Creating customer experiences that meet expectations

Posted on 20 July, 2013

An outstanding customer experience can help businesses close deals on big accounts and create successful marketing campaigns by keeping potential leads moving along the sales path. The interactions during this stage are also essential to generate referrals and repeat sales. Only clients who have been shown respect and professional service will recommend an organization to friends, family and co-workers.

Unfortunately, not every customer experience goes as planned. Occasionally, companies miss opportunities to complete sales and retain patrons. Often these incidents are created by a disconnect between what customers expect and what business are able to provide, according to Duct Tape Marketing.

Guest blogger Peter Sandeen stated that communication of a brand is vital to the overall impression customer experience management strategies make. Service may be outstanding, but if the client is expecting something different in product features or pricing, that could make the entire process disappointing. Removing this disconnect is the key to boosting customer satisfaction.

Understanding the audience to improve customer satisfaction
Sandeen noted that it is important for organizations to have a firm understanding of their audience to create meaningful customer retention programs. This is particularly important in the B2B sector, where companies often rely on niche marketing strategies to reach their target audience. Knowing the expectations of the audience lets businesses adjust product design, technical support, marketing strategies and more to deliver a satisfying customer experience.

Fortunately, technology is giving merchants the tools to collect information on customers. Forbes noted that businesses seeking to improve their customer service should focus on building a community with new and existing customers. Social media tools allow companies to offer knowledge and services at any point in the sales process. The new channel helps organizations remain connected with their customers, and each interaction provides data about their preferences. The information can be used to improve communication about what services and features products can provide, altering customer expectations to meet what the company is capable of offering.

The performance and reliability of a company's products or services can have a direct impact on customer experience quality. Omega Management Group Corp. offers a market intelligence program designed to help companies gain unsurpassed insight into the linkage between product attributes and customer satisfaction and loyalty to provide consistently superior customer experiences.