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Digital interactions play pivotal role in customer satisfaction

Posted on 01 August, 2013

The introduction of new service channels has considerably changed customer expectations. Consumers now regularly go online to check reviews, compare prices and determine which products they want to buy, which means businesses need to update their customer experience management (CEM) strategies to meet expectations and drive sales.

Wired stated that the customer experience was becoming increasingly digital. Not only do patrons use social media, mobile and online services to make purchases and interact with organizations, they expect these channels to be integrated with traditional sales channels to provide more engaging experiences. Most firms understand the importance of online interactions but struggle to develop practices that deliver results.

Fortunately, an article by Forbes highlighted several steps that organizations could take to improve CEM strategies. The source noted that it was essential for businesses to explore every touchpoint within the sale process. A completed transaction does not mean that the process was seamless, as there may have been problems that could be resolved in the future with a little planning and foresight.

In addition to streamlining the buying process, companies should explore ways to enhance interactions. Incorporating mobile services or social media could increase customer satisfaction, but businesses need to take the time to collect feedback from everyone to see real results. Firms could learn more from their failures than from successful transactions, so approaching people who had bad experiences can prove to be a valuable pool of data, according to the source. This strategy is particularly effective within B2B fields with long lead times. Understanding why a potential sale was not made could highlight areas in need of improvement and contribute to higher success rates in the future.

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