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Engaging customers after a sale to drive loyalty

Posted on 12 July, 2013

Having an effective sales process can help companies convert potential leads and generate additional revenue. However, it is what happens after a purchase that can have the biggest influence on customer satisfaction.

A recent white paper by UPS stated that organizations should improve their efforts to engage customers after transactions are complete. Adjusting customer retention programs to focus on logistics and social media could help companies boost their repeat sales and build loyal followings. The UPS study found that while online retailers had a high level of overall customer satisfaction, consumers expressed interest in having additional flexibility when it came to choosing shipping options, dates or pick-up locations.

Online purchases have become a significant part of the modern business environment. Even B2B firms are seeing growth in the number of items bought through their websites. Without effective order fulfillment, customers may be left with a bad impression of an organization, regardless of how professional other interactions were. Taking time to address shipping strategies and provide additional choices while keeping costs down could enhance customer experiences.

Moving beyond shipping to continually engage customers
Effective customer experience management strategies will move beyond offering fast delivery of packages to engage clients after the sale. Incorporating social media or mobile channels to create an omnichannel supply chain lets companies keep the conversation going, increasing the opportunities for repeat purchases.

ITWeb stated that social media strategies enable firms to continue discussions in a more organic way. Providing channels that allow customers to offer feedback, share their support or make complaints creates value for both parties. Positive reviews help build brand reputation, while negative comments push companies to make continual improvements to their products. Patrons benefit from comprehensive customer experiences that connect them to their favorite brands and other customers.

"The fact is, creating inventive ways to consistently deliver a superior customer experience is not just a survival skill – it has become the key to a thriving enterprise," Pommie Lutchman, CEO at Ocular Technologies, told ITWeb​.

Building Customers for LifeSM is a business philosophy from Omega Management Group Corp. that enhances the value and competitiveness of any organization. Understanding the importance of a proactive CEM strategy enables firms to build company cultures that place the customer first, which allows them to drive profitable growth and improve products and services.