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How to Deliver Optimum Omni-channel Customer Service

Posted on 15 June, 2016

Omni-channel was a big buzzword at Omega’s recent SCORE Conference, with so much focus lately on what it means to CX professionals. It’s no wonder, given how complex customer service has become with the number of touchpoints a prospective buyer can now experience traveling along their particular customer journey. Not that long ago, we were talking about the importance of having a multi-channel strategy when it comes to supporting the customer experience. But now, it’s transformed into an omni-channel program.

So what’s the difference? Multi-channel employs the use of multiple channels (calls, chat, email, etc.) to provide service to customers. In practice, these conversations with customers occur in separate and discrete communication channels. Omni-channel, on the other hand, employs all of these channels, but allows for the seamless switching between channels with real-time knowledge of the actions in any channel.

In a recent article 5 Ways to Deliver Optimum Omnichannel Customer Service by Golriz Golkar, Community Manager & Blogger, Vocalcom, she identified the top strategies to deliver optimum omni-channel customer service and build long-term brand loyalty:

Be present and engaged on all brand channels
From your website to your social media to your contact center, wherever your brand is being promoted you need to support customer engagement equally across the board.

Save customers’ time
Employing the latest tools like CRM software to centralize customer data will make contact center agents more efficient, thereby servicing customers more quickly.

Take customer feedback seriously
To provide better omni-channel customer service, it’s essential to take the pulse of your customers through regular surveys and social listening tactics to understand their needs.

Be consistent with brand content and image
With multiple ways to promote your brand—through web, social, email and other communications—it’s important to ensure that your image stays uniform and is clearly identifiable by your customers and prospects.

Create user-friendly experiences
No matter how well you have your customer engagement strategy in place, it won’t be effective if customers cannot get the information or support they need easily and the way they prefer—it must be both user-friendly and empowering.

The bottom line difference between multi-channel and omni-channel customer service is optimization. If you can engage your customers across all channels, supported by adeptly-trained employees who possess the right skills and tools, you will create a better customer experience and achieve long-term loyalty.

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