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Improving customer experiences with the power of yes

Posted on 27 June, 2013

It costs significantly more to attract new customers than it does to keep existing clients, but many businesses still fail to provide the customer experiences necessary to build loyalty.

Even after consumers walk through the door, staff members fail to recognize opportunities to deliver valued service. This is exactly the scenario laid out by business writer James Dalman in a recent post on his website that details what happened when a friend went to a gun shop to purchase a new rifle. The item was slightly more expensive at the location, but the customer wanted to complete the transaction there. When the patron asked if the store was willing to match a competitor's price, he was not only told no, but was encouraged to go to the competitor to take advantage of the lower offer.

The company had an opportunity to make a quick transaction – and potentially win a loyal customer – by offering a small $30 discount. The value gained from future sales and positive word-of-mouth recommendations would have easily outweighed the discount on a single purchase. However, the gun shop failed to explain to its employees the value of excellent customer service.

Eyes on Sales stated that customer experience management strategies need to help front-line employees understand the power of saying yes. Even if a request seems impossible, taking the time to try to find a solution will create appreciation from the customer, which helps build loyalty. The secret to improving customer retention and generating repeat sales is to take every opportunity to complete transactions. Even B2B firms need to teach their salespeople how to fight for every sale and maximize opportunities for cultivating customer loyalty.

Boosting customer loyalty requires employee engagement programs that empower employees to resolve problems effectively and provide consistently superior customer service. Omega Management Group's certified CEMPROSM program provides employees with the knowledge and tools needed to establish successful customer service strategies.