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Product design influential in customer satisfaction

Posted on 12 July, 2013

It seems like new technology is created all the time. Developers of software, smartphones and more are continually adding features and refining their products to provide a better customer experience.

How products perform directly influences customer satisfaction and drives sales. BlackBerry's recent product launch underperformed in part because the device was unable to access office accounts using Microsoft Outlook, CNBC reported. The BlackBerry 10 had been marketed as the mobile business tool executives needed, but was unable to deliver on this promise. As a result, sales were poor and the company continues to struggle to attract new investors.

Successful product launches deliver something new to their audience, and advance technology to provide a more engaging customer experience. However, this can be difficult to do without a deep understanding of the audience. Companies have been able to accurately target specific audiences with new services or products because of improvements in data management. Organizations are now able to collect information about customer purchases, channel preferences and more to gain insights into customer behavior. The data is combined with surveys to give feedback in real time, which allows firms to adjust their marketing and product development to better fit the needs of potential customers.

Customizing features, pricing to meet customer expectations
Within the B2B sector, data analysis is helping firms customize products for their clients. Companies able to tailor interactions based on the needs of a target audience could see a strong boost in conversion rates. The insights provided allow organizations to make better decisions on everything from design to pricing.

The Grocer noted that bargain products outperform premium brands during periods of economic downturn. Consumers in the U.K. began looking for additional value, trying to stretch their budgets as the national economy entered a recession. In these situations, overcharging could be just as costly as offering the wrong services. Conversely, when customers feel they are getting a bargain, they are more willing to purchase items. Data management tools help companies price their products more effectively by noting various trends within consumer behavior.

The performance and reliability of a company's products or services can have a direct impact on customer experience quality. Omega Management Group Corp. offers a market intelligence program designed to help companies gain unsurpassed insight into the linkage between product attributes and customer satisfaction and loyalty to provide consistently superior customer experiences.