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Resolve conflict and boost customer satisfaction by listening

Posted on 10 July, 2013

Even though many companies try to provide great service to customers, there may be times when mistakes are made or the client simply isn't pleased with the results. In these cases, it may seem like there is nothing firms can do, but there are steps organizations can take to resolve these situations.

A post on GreatFX Business Card's small business blog recounted an incident resulting in a bad customer experience at a local Italian restaurant. The patron was disappointed in the quality of her meal and requested a conversation with the manager. This is a reasonable request at most restaurants, but in this case the manager was too busy to listen to the customer. The lack of attention caused the customer to become even more frustrated with the bad experience and prompted her to share the story online.

Approximately one-third of consumers post about poor customer service online, according to a study by NewVoiceMedia. The Italian restaurant now has to deal with the negative reviews that are damaging its reputation, all of which could have been avoided by giving the customer the opportunity to explain the problem. The author noted that businesses should always strive to make the customer feel valued. Even if there is no immediate solution to a problem, collecting feedback and showing the willingness to listen can help firms avoid similar situations in the future. This is particularly effective in the B2B sector, where repeat business is essential to long-term success.

Moving beyond complaints to provide value
1to1 Media stated that repairing bad customer experiences is just the first step in boosting customer satisfaction and retention rates. Showing a commitment to service can create repeat sales opportunities that drive revenue growth. To fix customer experience management strategies, the source noted that businesses should continually evaluate their performance. Customer feedback is a vital part of this process. Finding out what areas are weak or need improvement lets firms develop a more consistent experience for clients.

Listening and making improvements is just the start of building effective CEM strategies. Businesses need to find a way to differentiate their services from the competition. Every organization strives to be inviting and professional, so companies need to create additional value for clients to separate themselves and create a strong reputation.

Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty is a key driver for company growth, but organizations often fail to dedicate as much time, funding and support to customer retention as they do to other business operations. CEM consulting services, such as Omega Management Group Corp., provide the insight and expertise companies need to help ensure long-term growth and profitability.