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SCORE Conference 2016 Highlights

Posted on 30 May, 2016

SCORE Conference 2016, the annual industry forum on CX best practices, once again showcased leading experts in service and marketing who spoke on topics ranging from service revenue strategy and competitive analytics to change management practices and omni-channel strategies to improve the customer experience. Taking place on May 25-27 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, SCORE attracted nearly 100 professionals seeking information on CX strategies and new CRM technologies. Most businesses don’t understand that customers–not products and services–are the source of all revenue and profits. That’s where SCORE has become recognized for its focus on the customer experience and helping organizations learn how to retain and grow their client base.

For fourteen years, SCORE Conference has helped hundreds of companies learn the benefits of developing a CX strategy that includes customer relationship training for employees and establishing best practices in customer service operations. SCORE Conference expands your knowledge and awareness of the methods others have used to implement a CX strategy that encompasses both employees and customers. This year, we were pleased to have another outstanding group of expert presenters from leading companies that included Alfresco Software, AT&T, CA Technologies, EMC, NETSCOUT, OMNIlife Science, Pitney Bowes, Progress, and Wolters Kluwer. Attendees left the conference buzzing with new ideas and techniques that they’ll be able to use right away within their organizations.

The three-day event included intensive workshops, inspirational keynote presentations, engaging panel sessions and case studies that covered all areas of building a CX strategy and managing customer operations more productively. This year, SCORE introduced eight CX Sessions on day one that took a deep dive into topics ranging from customer journey management and next-level customer care in the age of marketing automation to analytic solutions for managing risk, compliance and customer expectations and how to create engaged, aligned and accountable teams for a best-in-class customer experience. Workshops on the last day included “Using an Omni-channel Strategy to Drive Customer Loyalty” where attendees learned how to deliver successful customer experiences seamlessly through multiple channels and “Improving Agent Performance and Retention While Increasing Customer Satisfaction,” which imparted techniques for improving and retaining contact center agents. ”Customer Value Creation: The New Revolution” rounded out the workshops, revealing how customers have changed in the way they make buying decisions—with the focus being not so much on the product itself, but on how buyers’ needs are being met with their ever-evolving demands.

Two seasoned service executives gave keynote presentations on May 26, giving audience members insight into the challenges and rewards of their own CX strategies. Rick Randall, CEO, OMNIlife Science, a medical device company that offers navigation robotic systems and practices, implants, and instruments for orthopaedics, talked about how the company strives for high performance and exceptional service to benefit surgeons, patients and investors while trying to gain ground in a large, yet tight, marketplace. Then Diane Magers, Office of the Customer for telecommunications giant AT&T, talked about how customer measures and metrics should be an important part of any business’s key performance indicators—and by benchmarking these measures, implementing action and then comparing to your benchmarks, is how customer experience is impacted and what drives improved financial results.

There were also ample opportunities for attendees to network with colleagues and peers, which included the Awards Dinner on the final evening of the event. This occasion recognized companies who were recipients of our two customer service awards—the NorthFace ScoreBoard (NFSB) Award and CEMPRO Award that are handed out to organizations who have achieved world class customer service, as rated by their own customers, and those who have put their frontline employees through rigorous soft skills training that allows them to deliver superior customer service. Bob Thompson, Founder & CEO, CustomerThink Corporation served as the dinner’s keynote presenter where he talked about “signature experiences” and how one defining customer interaction can create a competitive advantage. The dinner also played host to a special guest—Lilly The Hero Dog—who, in saving her owner from being hit by an oncoming train, was severely injured herself—gave attendees something to think about when it comes to the power of loyalty.

The CX revolution has just begun, and to succeed in business companies must get closer to their customers and implement the right processes in the enterprise to empower their employees to keep their customers happy. To that end, SCORE Conference continues to provide attendees with tips and tools to help them achieve a deep understanding of their customers—and will be back in 2017 with more industry trends and practical know-how to help service executives build successful CX strategies.