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Survey shows cable providers rank last in customer satisfaction

Posted on 22 August, 2013

Strong customer service can help businesses attract new customers and retain existing clients. However, many organizations fail to implement policies that make any improvements in this area, resulting in poor customer experiences. This seems to be particularly true for cable and internet providers, who collectively scored the lowest on a recent customer service survey by the Temkin Group.

The study examined 19 industries, and television service providers ranked last, with no organization scoring above 30 percent satisfaction, TechSpot reported. Internet service firms were not much better, reaching customer satisfaction rates of 30 to 32 percent. The low scores are a significant problem for businesses within these industries.

The lack of attention to customer service ends ends up hurting companies by making it harder to attract new sales. This directly impacts revenue generation, according to the Huffington Post. Peter Shankman, co-founder of customer service consultancy Shankman-Hon‚Äčig, told the source that focusing on clients can contribute to a 10 to 40 percent boost in revenue. A good reputation makes it easier to attract new patrons, and existing customers are willing to spend more at firms that provide positive experiences.

Focus internally to boost customer satisfaction
The entire process starts with the training of employees. When individual staff members are committed to delivering outstanding service, companies can build strong reputation within their industries. This is exactly the approach that financial services company USAA has taken. The organization scored highest overall, according to the Temkin Group. American Banker noted that its customer satisfaction rating was 75 percent, beating its closest competitor by 13 percentage points.

"USAA does a phenomenal job of focusing on the needs of their customers," the Temkin report said. "A lot of their customer service happens remotely. They work with their phone reps to make sure they understand their customers' situations, and their reps have a lot of empathy for the people they talk to."

Employee engagement is an important factor in USAA's high scores. Giving workers the tools and support they need to succeed in their roles boosts their willingness to solve problems and make customers happy. Staff members should also be empowered to focus on serving customers rather than following a script, as this can lead to faster resolution and better experiences. Employees of major cable providers are often locked into the routine of calls and fail to take the time to develop quick and innovative solutions that could lift their scores.

Within the B2B sector, employees are just as important to customer retention programs. When staff members are excited and show a willingness to offer additional services, potential customers are more likely to complete transactions. This approach can lead to long-term relationships that generate revenue through resells and upgrades.

Boosting customer loyalty requires employee engagement programs that empower employees to resolve problems effectively and provide consistently superior customer service. Omega Management Group's certified CEMPROSM program provides employees with the knowledge and tools needed to establish successful customer service strategies.