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Posted on 08 September, 2015

Keys To Maintaining Customers

We live in a consumer society. You want something, there’s a store for it. If there’s not a store for it, you can find it online. So why do some companies flourish while others fail, especially when they’re selling the same item? It always comes down to one thing: company A is providing several advantages to customers that company B is not.

Keys To Maintaining Customers


One of the biggest mistakes that a company makes is attributing customer satisfaction to customer loyalty. It’s more complicated than that. Customers are driven by their buying experience and the buying price. When a company changes one or the other, the customer has no problem taking their business elsewhere.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Customers want to be served, but they also want to be noticed. They don’t want to feel as if they’re consumers first and people second. Strike up a conversation with the customer and actively listen to what they’re saying. Respond to their questions or comments in detail. This will give them a sense of belonging in your establishment.

Be Available

You never know when your customers are going to need you. Provide monthly courtesy calls just to check in. Send them industry news and updates regularly. If you’re available to your customers when they need you, they won’t turn to a competitor.

Take Advice

You’re never going to survive as a business if you don’t take customer feedback to heart. Feedback helps to highlight problems that those within the organization would never notice. Being attentive and concerned communicates to the customer that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep their business.


It’s not possible to make every single customer happy, but if you maintain your effort and always aim at fairness and satisfaction, you’ll more likely than not come out ahead. Implement the strategies above with everything you’ve got and you’ll see a change on your balance sheet.

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