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Video of upset customer goes viral

Posted on 31 July, 2013

The prevalence of smartphones and the popularity of social media have made it very easy for upset customers to become viral marketing disasters. This was the case when a video of a woman getting angry at an Apple store in Los Angeles was uploaded to the Web.

Incidents like these are becoming much more common, as it is possible for bystanders to pull out their smartphones and record entire events. This makes it essential that companies have customer experience management solutions designed to prevent these issues from arising in the first place. The woman in the Apple store video was angry that she was unable to pick up the part she needed and began to yell when she was told that service at the store was by appointment only. The video appears to indicate that she recently spoke with someone at the company on the phone and was told she could pick up the part, but after she arrived at the store, staff refused to help her without an appointment.

Viral videos are embarrassing for customers, but can be costly for the companies involved, as other consumers will soon question whether a trip to the store is worth the time and aggravation. Digital Journal speculated that the upset customer, like many consumers with young children, was pressed for time and may have thought a quick stop at the store would not become an issue.  It likely would have been faster to have an employee look for the part or place an order if it was not in stock, but by holding to the appointment-only policy, the store sparked a viral video that could ultimately cost the Apple brand customers.

Address every part of the customer experience to avoid viral videos
In-store policies are not the only way that companies can damage their reputations and upset patrons. The Waikato Times reported that consumers in New Zealand were frustrated to find that some milk they had bought had curdled while in the store. Maintaining quality control standards is a vital part of ensuring a high-quality customer experience. Consumers are increasingly going online to purchase everything from electronics to grocery products. If merchandise arrives in less-than ideal condition, these consumers are quick to upload videos, pictures and angry letters to social media platforms, creating a nightmare for organizations. Taking steps to eliminate these instances can build a solid reputation for customer service that can generate additional sales and drive company growth.

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