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Websites provide unique challenges for creating positive customer experiences

Posted on 24 July, 2013

Positive customer experiences greatly enhance the relationships between consumers and businesses. The interactions during the sales process often determine how much a patron will spend and whether he or she will return to make additional purchases in the future.

Most organizations understand the importance of quality customer service during face-to-face interactions. A helpful and professional staff member can make the difference between a purchase and a lost opportunity. The same principle applies to online interactions, but unfortunately there are a number of challenges to overcome to improve consumers' online experiences.

ABC reported that companies have a smaller window of time to impress customers within digital sales channels. If clients are unable to find relevant information or get their questions answered quickly, they are willing to move on to the next site. It is important for all businesses, particularly those in the B2B sector, to address technical problems that can prevent pages from loading. Citing research from Forrester, the source noted that 40 percent of consumers will wait less than three seconds for a retail web page to respond. Seventy-nine percent of unhappy customers will leave a site for a competitors. 

Personalize web content to create better experiences
In addition to resolving page loading issues, companies need to ensure that potential leads are being presented with the information that will help them make decisions. For organizations with long lead times, such as those in the B2B sector, it can be challenging to balance parties at multiple stages of the sales process. Being able to personalize web content could help firms create a more memorable and engaging experience for potential clients. Forbes noted that personalization is the key to creating relevant and unique content for web pages.

Social media and mobile devices are proving to be the marketing tools that are helping organizations deliver more targeted messages. Data tracking programs are able to capture information from digital channels that are then used to adjust web content. These programs are also helping companies identify potential problems that could lead to poor retention rates and low customer satisfaction. Taking the time to address these issues may boost revenue generation through online channels.

Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty is a key driver for company growth, but organizations often fail to dedicate as much time, funding and support to customer retention as they do to other business operations. CEM consulting services, such as Omega Management Group Corp., provide the insight and expertise companies need to help ensure long-term growth and profitability.