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What Key Team Building Training We Can Learn From the SEALs

Posted on 22 April, 2015

Team Building

Navy SEAL teams are known for making the impossible possible and overcoming the most intimidating of challenges. They are also known for their incredible teamwork culture, which all businesses can benefit learning from.

When you think of the SEALs, you likely think of confidence. That’s because they recognize the strengths that each team member possesses and utilize those strengths to create a successful, strong and unbreakable team. This is applicable to business, where assets can be honed in a collaborative effort to create successful projects and overall strategies.

Another factor in SEAL success is trust. Each SEAL is taught that any of his teammates can save his life at any given time. That same level of trust should be instilled by company leaders. This can be taught through training and regular evaluations that emphasize the “got-your-back” culture. Individualized training is also important for a SEAL mission, and it should be fundamental for every business. Oftentimes, employees don’t receive the necessary amount of training for a job, meaning that individual talents aren’t properly recognized and developed.

Interchangeability is another attribute that SEALs possess. While each SEAL is trained to achieve his personal potential, he is also trained in every other task demanded of the team. In business, specialists should be trained in other tasks the team requires in order for each member to feel responsible for seeing a project through if a team member is absent.

Businesses that apply these methods to their team culture will find greater productivity and increased employee retention. Omega Management Group offers soft skills training for frontline employees in the areas of customer care, decision making and problem solving, dealing with difficult customers and time management.  Making sure that all of your customer-facing staff are trained in the same areas will translate into a strong, cohesive force to deliver exceptional customer service.. Contact us today at 1-800-711-5196 to learn more.