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Win new social media followers with positive customer experiences

Posted on 13 August, 2013

Social media has become a vital tool for enhancing customer experiences. Social networks give businesses a way to continue conversations, streamline customer service and connect similar-minded parties. This can provide a significant boost to sales and help increase brand awareness.

Popular Mechanics reported that the group setting of social media often influences consumer behavior. Citing a study appearing in scientific journal Science, the source noted that positive comments and likes on social media contributed to a 25-percent higher rating for postings. The more positive comments were left, the more likely other consumers were going to also like the posts. This snowball effect can be an effective way for firms to build support for new products or services, or change the minds of hesitant consumers.

The source noted that the influence is not as strong for negative comments, but detractors can still hurt a firm's reputation. Sites such as Facebook and Reddit have become popular locations to complain about poor customer service. The Facebook group Comcast Sucks has more than 11,500 likes from members ready to share their aggravating experiences with others. Risk Management Monitor stated that these social detractors can create significant problems for businesses and should be addressed properly.

Handling negative posts online
The composition of the detractors is important to determining how businesses respond, according to the source. The groups can be created by competitors, upset customers, environmentalists or other activist groups, and each requires a different response. In situations where consumers are the main driving force, such as Comcast Sucks, companies should listen to the groups and use their suggestions to improve customer experience strategies. Similarly, organizations should work with activist groups to address concerns and become more responsive to sensitive issues. This could help the firms reduce waste and cut costs, while creating stronger connections with communities.

Dealing with competitors on social media can be tricky. It may be tempting to respond directly to each outrageous claim, but that could only fuel additional criticism. Business 2 Community stated that organizations need to establish clear guidelines for employees when it comes to responding to issues online. This will help firms present consistent brand messages and minimize controversy. Dealing with negative news in a professional manner can help companies strengthen their reputations and create a positive social media image that attracts new customers.

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