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CEM Stakeholder Communications Strategy

Capitalize on your most valuable asset excellence in customer service!

Your company may have high marks in customer service, but if your key stakeholders are not aware of the success of your Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy, then in their eyes you're no different than the vast majority of companies who essentially ignore the importance of locking in long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The primary focus of your company's marketing or communications department is most likely on how your product/service capabilities are better than everyone else's. However, with every company saying the same thing, customers and prospects have a hard time deciding whose products or services really are the best. To make things worse, this approach fails to leverage a company's most valuable competitive differentiator: excellence in customer service. Research shows that, while product and price are important in making the initial sale, the most decisive factor in customer loyalty is the quality of service and support customers receive over time on a consistent basis.

Omega helps companies tell this side of their story through our comprehensive CEM Communications Program, which uses a number of CEM Communications strategies to help reach your key stakeholders in a compelling way.

CEM Communications Program Includes:

Customer Satisfaction Annual Report
You may already distribute a public, financial annual report, but why not share one focused specifically on your CX strategy and results?
Voice of the Customer Video
Have your top executive interviewed for a high-level look into your CX strategy and what you're doing to keep customers loyal
CX Case Studies/Customer Testimonials
Let your customers shine a light on your success by sharing their own stories
CX Certified Report Card
Share with customers and prospects a third-party audit of your superior customer satisfaction data
Intelligent Visual Communications
Project your CX content in real time via dynamic multi-media LED dashboard displays and hand-held devices
CX Infographic
Depict your CX Strategy and how you serve your customers through an engaging, graphically-rich, online story
Public Relations
Keep customers and prospects informed of your CX success through news releases, newsletters, white papers and more
Social Media
Capitalize on the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social channels to tout your superior customer service
Live Video Streaming
Create an event that captures your CX story as it happens and reach your customers and prospects through today's most engaging medium
CX Podcasts
Participate in a podcast highlighting your CX story that customers and prospects can listen to at their convenience
CX Webcasts
Be a guest on one of our Building Customers for Life (BCfL) webcasts where you can share the keys to your CX success
Competitive Satisfaction/Loyalty Analytics
Drive your CX strategy and create measurable business impact through competitive satisfaction/loyalty analytics
Customer Events
Bring together customers and prospects to show your appreciation and to let prospective clients hear your success stories
CX Awards
Leverage NorthFace ScoreBoard, CEMPRO and other industry awards that recognize your customer service excellence

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