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Omega's Anthony & Alexander Group LLC (AAG) provides professional consulting services that cover a wide range of customer experience management strategies and loyalty-building practices. Our services include loyalty partnering programs, key account strategy, competitive benchmarking, corrective action planning and complete service operations overviews. We offer years of experience and knowledge in the services sector that help guide customers to become more productive and efficient while increasing company profits and revenues. An evaluation of service operations is vital to ensuring that you are responsive to your customers' needs, providing superior and proactive service offerings, using your employees effectively and contributing to your company's bottom line.
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Omega offers specialized Customer Experience Consulting Services Service Operations Service Revenues

Keeping current on your customer needs must always be in the forefront of your service deliverables. That's why our customer experience consulting experts recognize and respect your commitment to world-class service and are committed to working with you as you make the necessary changes to your processes, procedures and culture to maintain and improve your day-to-day operation to keep it in line with your current business goals and customer experience strategies. Omega's staff of industry professionals is well versed in the fundamentals of customer service, and their knowledge and expertise form the cornerstone of our customer experience consulting services.

Customer Experience Consulting services: Our seasoned Anthony & Alexander Group (AAG) professionals consist of two major customer experience consulting disciplines: proven service executives and chief customer officer or equivalent. These highly specialized experts can assist your organization in identifying competitive advantages, deficiencies and the prioritizing and targeting of opportunities to enhance customer loyalty, positive customer experience, and customer satisfaction. They also can identify cultural and process barriers that may be hampering your organization from achieving its commitment to the corporate service goals, subsequently eliminating these potential obstacles through a targeted customer experience management program designed for your exact needs.

Off-the-shelf solutions do not solve unique company problems.

As part of our customer experience consulting services, we offer profitable solution strategies. AAG's knowledge of the service industry results in unsurpassed insight and knowledge on what methods are working today. We draw on that experience to provide proven solutions to your problems in areas such as:

  • Customer Experience Management Assessment

  • Competitive Analytics

  • Corrective Action Plans

  • Executive Briefings

  • Service Operations Review

  • Stakeholder Communications Strategy

  • Competitive Benchmarking

  • Key Account Strategy

  • WinBack Strategy

When it comes to our customer experience consulting, nobody even comes close. We help you with your biggest customer experience management questions:

How do your key accounts rate your customer service? How do you link customer satisfaction with increasing revenues? How do you engage your employees to drive customer loyalty? Dig even deeper and ask yourself: How do you use analytics to gain a competitive advantage? How do you win back lost customers?

Most of our work begins with a Customer Experience Management CEMDNA Assessment-a baseline evaluation of your current customer experience management strategy and goals that addresses these questions and more. The assessment is where your customer experience management strategy is developed or refined and annually renewed. Our customer experience consulting experts will work closely with you to provide the following:

  • Customer Experience Management CEMDNA Assessment

  • Review BIG4 Strategy

  • Acquisition-Retention-Growth-WinBack

  • Implement Clear Customer Intelligence Methodology (CCIM)

  • Interview Key Executive and Management Personnel

  • Review Internal Survey Process, Results & Rating System

  • Prepare Account Management Profile

  • Segment Accounts: Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3

  • Segment Participants: Decision Maker/Recommender/Influencer

  • Identify Reporting Requirements

  • Conduct Customer Relationship Satisfaction Survey

  • Conduct Employee 360 Alignment Web Survey

  • Design Stakeholder Communications Report Card

  • Conduct Executive Briefing

  • Prepare Customer Experience Management CEMDNA Playbook StrategySM

  • Conduct Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO AdvocateSM) Web Workshop to train key management personnel on the 12 key building blocks to a successful customer experience management strategy

Learn more about how we can help you build and implement a Customer Experience Management strategy through our CEMDNA Playbook StrategySM.

Our AAG professionals offer customer experience consulting that can also work with you on service quality training, support center audits, competitive research and service marketing research and consulting. In addition, we can talk as expert speakers to your executive, customer service, and product and HR organizations about the importance of a customer experience management strategy.

AAG works in concert with all the organizations of Omega, but works especially closely with the Account Management organization that encompasses the Center for Loyalty Research. This partnership provides a complete and thorough data analysis and a concise and understandable translation of findings and recommendations that help ensure the success of your Customer Experience Management strategy program-no other firm offers expert customer experience consulting services quite like us!

Our customer experience consulting services and host of management support are available to add depth or breadth to your current or evolving customer experience management strategy-Anthony & Alexander Group is there to help you succeed!

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