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Market Intelligence Services

Omega's Revenue Opportunity Actionable Research (ROAR) program is designed to gather market intelligence for product/service performance and ongoing development in any industry.

ROAR delivers insightful market research to gather intelligence for your company's products and services that will provide a competitive edge. ROAR leverages our recognized expertise in CEM strategy to help you gain unsurpassed insight into the linkage between product leadership and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ROAR comprises four major components for capturing and analyzing this market intelligence:

  1. A comprehensive product/services survey that identifies your company's key factors for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. An extensive competitive benchmark study that compares your product/service performance to key competitors.
  3. A custom market research study to identify future product/service enhancements that will provide you with a significant advantage in the marketplace.
  4. Annual executive briefing on market research. This includes analyzing your data, drawing conclusions, making recommendations and exploring ways to market your research and analysis. The goal is to validate your competitive advantages to drive revenue and profits.

Deliverables can include:

Market Research Surveys

A proven series of market intelligence surveys to gain a competitive edge

  • Product Performance Survey
  • Competitive Benchmark Survey
  • New Product Development Market Research Survey

ScoreBoard Report Package

Omega's own reporting tool that can provide custom reports

  • By product lines
  • By countries
  • Competition matrix

Research Analysis Information Database (RAID)

Used for custom reporting and analysis

  • Excel format of all survey responses

Customer Satisfaction Report Card

Useful in sales proposals and other presentations

  • Color tri-fold (ready for print)
  • Audit letter
  • Executive message
  • Summary of survey satisfaction results

Executive Briefing & Promotion

Leverage public relations, white papers and other marketing activities to validate your competitive advantages

  • Analyze / Draw Conclusions / Make Recommendations
  • Benchmark Analysis with direct competitors

Read our press release on our market intelligence services.

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