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Stratus Technologies

First-Time Recipient of the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award

Key Take Away:

"Stratus believes that this achievement is not due to any one thing; rather it reflects a milestone in our steady improvement over the past few years. For over 30 years, customer support has been the foundation of the entire Stratus organization. Our pro-active monitoring of our systems, coupled with proven service delivery methodologies, allows us to provide the exceptional service that our customers have come to expect."

Ed Maher
Sr. Manager, Manufacturing, Engineering & Quality

About Stratus Technologies:

For organizations and their customers that depend on uptime, Stratus is the proven provider that helps protect lives, money and reputations. By integrating around-the-clock monitoring services with resilient technologies, Stratus delivers "uptime assurance." Long-time customers include credit-card and ATM networks, hospitals, manufacturing and utilities companies, securities and brokerage firms, 9-1-1 emergency call centers, and similar mission-critical operations where the potential harm from service failures is very high. For many computer users today, high-value functions also include e-mail, manufacturing data collection, and customer-facing Internet services just about any application that, if unavailable, interrupts the flow of business.

View Stratus Technologies' NorthFace ScoreBoard Award press release.

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