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Building Customers For Life Webcast Series

Companies in all industries are wakening up to a new game-changing business reality: customers - NOT products and services - are the source of all revenue and profits. This means that companies can no longer minimize the importance that customer satisfaction and loyalty play in virtually every aspect of business operations.

Building Customers For Life℠ webcast series hones in on how companies are implementing Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategies to drive revenue and profits by consistently exceeding customer expectations for service quality. They know that making CEM strategy part of their corporate DNA is key to building long-term, profitable customer relationships while branding their organization as being customer centric.

These webcasts on Building Customers For Life℠ are valuable for all service and support executives, directors, managers, analysts and team leaders — and others invovled in customer service, customer support, business development and marketing.

Each webcast includes poll questions where participants can share feedback—and learn from others—on the state of their own company's CEM Strategy or program.

Attend and receive our
CEMDNA Playbook Strategy Toolkit

There are 12 key components in the CEMDNA Playbook Strategy, divided into four major phases: MEASURE, ANALYZE, ACT and ASSESS. Your journey through all four phases will help you consistently maximize the quality of experience for customers, prospects, suppliers, partners and employees.

Welcome to our Building Customers For Life Webcast Series. These complimentary webcasts feature industry experts in both CEM Strategy and CRM technologies on a range of topics to help you build customers for life. Please check our schedule for upcoming webcasts and click on past events to view recorded webcasts. Sign up below to request automatic invitations to each webcast so you don't miss out!

2017 Webcasts

Thursday, February 16: Driving Customer Centricity through Strategic Alignment and Senior Leadership

Do you have a truly customer-centric company? Does the customer experience drive and motivate decisions and behaviors at every level? A great CX strategy starts at the top, but the bigger challenge is identifying and reinforcing the critical customer-centric behaviors at every level of the business, including your vendors and suppliers in addition to customers and employees.

Former Verizon Wireless customer service executive, award winning author and strategic leadership expert, Karin Hurt shares practical ways to build an army of customer advocates and brand ambassadors from the C-Suite to the frontline.

Key takeaways include:

  • Establishing CX as a structured, measurable component of your corporate culture just like traditional operational areas (e.g., finance, sales/marketing, R&D, manufacturing, product development, etc.)
  • Techniques for identifying and reinforcing the MIT (most important thing) behaviors at every level
  • Building an army of brand ambassadors who advocate both for your customers and position your brand
  • Creating alignment and integration with vendors and suppliers to enhance your customer experience

Featured Speaker:
  • Karin Hurt, CEO/Founder, Let's Grow Leaders

2016 Webcasts

Thursday, January 14: Driving Transformational Change Through Top to Bottom Engagement

Educating, enabling and engaging everyone in the organization is critical to connect with the customer and build engaging experiences. From the top of the organization to those closest to customers, people are the secret sauce in driving transformational change. Without a clear, thoughtful strategy on how to address the unique employee needs, change efforts can stall.

In this session, two senior telecommunication customer experience leaders will share how they leverage senior leadership, resources, tools, human-centered design thinking, and co-creation and engagement activities to accelerate progress in driving a customer-centric culture. The leaders will share insights on how you too can derive customer benefits such as improved service/product adoption, increased willingness to repurchase/buy new products, creation of customer champions and reduced cost to engage.

Diane Magers (CCXP) - Office of the Customer, AT&T (USA) will share:

  • Five practical ways to build new CX skills and competencies in every level of your organization
  • How you can build a program that ensures every person in the organization contributes to the Engagement Ecosystem
  • How to use engaging activities, structure and new skills to drive associate engagement

Brian Andrews (CCXP) - VP, Customer Experience, Sprint will explain:

  • How Sprint's leadership is engaged in understanding what's important to customers, setting CX priorities, and driving progress
  • Ways to inspire leaders to gain deep customer empathy to change the status quo
  • How to create effective operating mechanisms, which fuels accountability, maintains momentum, encourages collaboration, and drives alignment

In a recent survey, only 30% of large companies rate making changes to the business based on Voice of the Customer insights as good or very good. While many companies cite driving great customer experiences as a top priority, few are making meaningful progress. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how AT&T and Sprint are mobilizing change by turning customer insights into meaningful actions.

Thursday, February 25: The Oracle Roadmap To Modern Customer Service

With so much focus on what the experience destination should look like, combined with a saturation of trends, measurements, terminologies, and technologies, more companies today need a customer service strategy that provides a holistic and actionable plan to achieve a modern and sustainable state of being.

In this webcast, Oracle shares its Roadmap To Modern Customer Service strategy framework for helping businesses to address the problem of HOW they get to a state of modern. Leveraging 20 years of learning from leading maturity practices across industries and geos, the Oracle Roadmap To Modern Customer Service has synthesized down a model that empowers customer service leaders to be key strategic leaders within their organizations for their CEM and CX initiatives.

Key takeaways include:

  • Define a comprehensive multi-phase maturity strategy
  • Easily get agreement to HOW you will achieve success
  • Justify more immediate and ongoing resource investments
  • Better prioritize technology investments based on KPI and ROI objectives
  • Provide traceable value measurements around business growth and efficiency
  • Achieve better alignment with other business leaders around your customers' experience

Featured Speaker:
  • JP Saunders, Senior Director, Solution Strategy, Oracle

Thursday, March 31: Winning Well: Managing the Art of the Tough Conversation With Your Employees

You know your customer experience hinges on the quality of every touch point. How you communicate matters. In this webinar, Karin Hurt, CEO of Let's Grow Leaders and author of the just released book Winning Well, A Manager's Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul shares secrets to managing the tough employee conversations that lead to a better CX as well as arming your employees the tools they need to handle the more challenging customer interactions with grace and poise.

Monday, May 23: Making a CEMDNA Playbook Strategy a Competitive Advantage

The primary focus of most companies' marketing or communications department typically is how their product/service capabilities are better than everyone else's. However, with every company saying the same thing, customers and prospects have a hard time deciding whose products or services really are the best. Moreover, this approach fails to leverage a company's most valuable competitive differentiator: excellence in customer service that helps improve customer acquisition, retention, growth and win-back.

Research shows that, while product and price are important in making the initial sale, the most decisive factor in customer loyalty is the quality of service and support customers receive over time on a consistent basis. And remember, it's customers—not product and services—that are the source of all revenue and profits.

In this webcast, the chief marketing officer for Rapid7 explains how the company's commitment to customer service excellence has become a competitive differentiator and just as important as its innovative solutions for IT security's most critical challenges.

Featured Speaker:
  • Carol Meyers, Chief Marketing Officer, Rapid7

Thursday, August 25: Using EFM Technology to Create a Superior Customer Experience

Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) technology embraces a complex set of tools and resources associated with conducting customer surveys, analyzing the results and helping companies act on the findings to deliver consistently superior customer experiences.

EFM solution providers have focused on rounding out their capabilities to conduct surveys across multiple deployment modes: email, website, phone, IVR, SMS, paper, fax, and kiosk. The next generation of EFM solutions also enable companies to capture feedback from critical new sources, including social media, online communities, call recordings, contact center notes and more to get a true "360-degree view" of the customer.

Learn from expert speakers how their EFM technology is embracing all customer touch points to consistently deliver superior customer experiences. Key take-aways from this webcast include:

  • Weaving the voice of every customer into the fabric of your business—and giving everyone in your organization the power to respond instantly.
  • Every business cares about listening and responding to customers. But how do you translate those good intentions into actions that actually keep customers happy and loyal?
  • The role of market research in delivering end-to-end service to customers, streamlining internal processes for efficiency and cost-savings.
  • How to develop and implement a Voice of the Customer program to deliver enhanced customer experiences, engaging employees, drive business change and establish competitive differentiation based on customer service excellence.

Featured Speakers:
  • Matt Inman, Chief Marketing Officer, MaritzCX
  • Stacey Nevel, Director, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit

Wednesday, September 28: Win/Loss Analysis is a Key CX Component

Conducting a customer win/loss analysis for your organization is one of the most cost-effective ways of generating the insights you need to increase revenue and grow your business. This webcast addresses the importance of conducting win/loss interviews, analyzing results and implementing lessons learned. It also focuses on how a clear Stakeholder Communications Strategy can improve your win rate, help reduce churn and win-back lost accounts.

All those who register for this webcast will become eligible to receive a complimentary Win/Loss Self-Assessment Survey.

Key webcast takeaways include:

  • Understanding factors associated with customer churn
  • Understanding factors associated with winning new accounts
  • Creating a win-back strategy to regain lost accounts
  • How improving your CX can result in more wins while reducing churn
  • How Stakeholder Communications tells your CX story.

Featured Speakers:
  • Pat Lysak, President & CEO, Impole

Thursday, December 8: CX Playbook Strategy...Included in Our DNA

Internet & Telephone (I&T) provides cost-effective, business-class phone service and Internet connections. From network design and Managed IT Services to phone systems and corporate relocations, our expert technicians assist customers with almost any aspect of communications strategy. Our goal is to be your business communications partner.

To ensure that we are exceeding customer expectations for service and support, we have implemented a Customer Experience (CX) Playbook Strategy that lies at the core of everything we do. In this webcast, four top I&T executives will explain the goal and objectives of the CX strategy, and cover some of the measurable results of this comprehensive program.

This webcast is meant to inform I&T customers, prospects, employees and business partners about why we have made this critical corporate commitment to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Please join us for this important and informative webcast about how our CX Playbook Strategy is benefiting you.

Featured Speakers:
  • Paul Cissel, CEO/President, I&T
  • Pete Peterson, VP Sales, I&T
  • MJ Shoer, Chief Technology Officer, I&T
  • Zach Leffler, Marketing Manager, I&T

2015 Webcasts

Thursday, January 29: Mapping the Customer Journey to Improve CEM Playbook Effectiveness

Customer journey mapping is the process of plotting the complete sum of experiences that customers go through in the course of doing business with a company. The customer journey map is a process guide as well as a timeline that covers all the touchpoints a customer has with a company, including:

  • Product research and ordering
  • Pre-sales and sales
  • Deployment of the product/service, including professional services where applicable
  • Actual usage of the product/service
  • Post-sales service and support

There is no standard for building a customer journey map. It can be a finely detailed document or a high-level relationship chart, or anything in between. But one step missing from most customer journey maps is the pay-off on the approach itself: does the journey map improve the overall customer experience?

This webcast will focus on the operational journey map touchpoints, but extends to its measurable results on CEM strategy itself:

  • Extent to which each customer is satisfied at each stage of the journey map
  • Whether the customer is satisfied with the value received for the price paid
  • Impact of the customer journey on loyalty
  • Success of a company in driving customer referrals, retaining customers, upgrading/cross-selling customers and winning back key accounts

Don't miss this important webcast to gain greater insight into customer journey mapping, a concept that some experts say is the cornerstone to operationalizing your organization's CEM strategy.

Featured Speaker:
  • Janet LeBlanc, President, Janet LeBlanc & Associates

Thursday, February 26: The Secret Sauce to Using an Employee Engagement Strategy that Drives Customer Loyalty

Many companies have focused and spent a lot of time and money on Customer Experience Management (CEM) Programs, but have missed the secret to success—a robust employee engagement program that motivates employees to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

You are not going anywhere in your business without knowing the secret sauce. A good CEM Program may be the rocket to help launch your success, but employee engagement is the fuel to get you to your destination!

Learn from seasoned HR professionals who have developed this secret formula. Learn how to get started, assess your needs, then develop and implement a sure-fire program for success. You'll see how engaging and rewarding employees will help your organization to continuously exceed customer expectations and build long-term customer loyalty.

Featured Speakers:
  • Vivian Hairston Blade, President & CEO, EiGL Consulting
  • Michele Fantt Harris, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, National Cooperative Bank
  • Tim Weyland, Vice President - Human Resources, Topcon America Corporation

Thursday, March 26: Responsive Web Design Delivers a Positive Customer Experience for Mobile Users

The number of mobile device users has surpassed those who use standard computers for all aspects of online access. In fact, the use of mobile devices to access the internet has increased by 67% worldwide in a little more than a year.

But if your company's website isn't optimized for mobile users, they will find it virtually impossible to view your website easily, much less conduct any business with you. Need proof? Open a browser session on your smart phone and type in your company's web address. The text and graphics will be so small you'll need a magnifying glass...and a lot of time because the content will take much longer to fully download.

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets.

In this webcast, you will learn how easy it can be to make your existing site mobile responsive, and how the RWD process can even save you money while ensuring that the customers and prospects will enjoy the same consistently superior experience whether visiting your site from their office computers or mobile devices.

Featured Speaker:
  • Allen Solomon, CEO, Pinnacle Creative Studio

Thursday, April 23: Getting Your Service Strategy Right

This webcast is designed for service leaders who wish to create a winning services strategy and drive significant improvement in their service operations. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of their overall organization, their strategic choices, the focus needed to achieve success, the challenges that must be overcome and an action plan to make it happen.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • The steps to keep you, your team, and your senior management focused and clear on how your services business contributes to success.
  • Which of the four business strategies your company follows and the implications on your service business.
  • Which of the three services strategies is most appropriate for you today and which one will be most appropriate tomorrow.
  • The 12 Success Levers of the services performance model.

Featured Speaker:
  • Dr. James "Alex" Alexander, Services Pundit and Business Partner, Service Strategies

Thursday, May 14: Case Studies: Award-Winning CEMDNA Playbook Strategies

All three of the presenting companies have earned Omega's prestigious NorthFace ScoreBoard Award (NFSB), presented annually to companies that, based solely on survey responses from their own customers, consistently exceeded their expectations for service excellence during the prior calendar year.

Our speakers describe the building blocks of their customer experience management (CEM) strategy—how their companies designed, implemented and assessed the benefits of their ongoing program to drive revenue and profits by maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The speakers will cover such areas as:

  • What aspect of the customer experience they tackled first and why
  • How they "sold it" to all levels of the organization
  • How it was rolled out to customers
  • What their corrective action strategy was and, most importantly
  • What the measurable results were.

These are real-life CEM strategy implementations that provide valuable insights to any organization looking to implement or improve their customer sat/loyalty initiatives.

Featured Speaker:
  • Fernando Bonaventura, Global SPARC Technology Services Center Director, Oracle
  • Anthony Daubenmerkl, Vice President, Global Client Support
  • Dennis Fitzgerald, Vice President, Customer Satisfaction, Yaskawa

Thursday, July 23: Exceeding Customer Expectations...One Experience at a Time

Few industries are influenced more by the whims of customer preference than hospitality and restaurants. While there are clear consumer choices in both industries, you can book a room or get a meal essentially anywhere whenever you want.

So it's no mystery why leaders in these fields work hard to instill a sense of satisfaction and loyalty in their branding that keeps customers coming back — and raving to others about their experiences. In today's webcast, executives from a top hotel and restaurant chain in the hotly competitive Boston Seaport District talk about their strategy for customer experience management (CEM), and how they implement their strategies to attract, retain, grow and win-back their most valuable customers.

No matter what business you're in, you can't reach and maintain a leading market position solely by what you do or how you do it. Instead, you must consistently exceed customer expectation for service and support, and that requires a corporate culture committed to putting the customer first. Register for this webcast and get an inside look at how these two businesses have built and implemented a successful CEM culture.

Featured Speakers:
  • James M. Carmody, Vice President & General Manager, Seaport Boston Hotel & World Trade Center
  • David Doyle, Regional Manager, The Cronin Group LLC

Thursday, September 24: Using Professional Services Automation (PSA) Technology to Exceed Customer Expectations

Businesses recognize the need to accelerate time to value when it comes to configuring, deploying or maintaining today's increasingly complex products and/or processes. As a result, companies turn to specialized professional services (PS) firms for assistance. Firms that provide PS (outsourcers) typically work on-site with their clients to accomplish specific outcomes. Some companies maintain their own PS team (insourcers) to assist internal departments with their projects, sometimes also using outsourcers when advisable.

This webcast will start by examining the role that PS plays in helping companies exceed their customers' expectations, including outsourcer/insourcer pros and cons. The discussion then will focus on how sophisticated PSA software technology can increase operational visibility and improve process efficiency in project- and services-driven organizations, regardless of the outsourcer/insourcer mix.

Webcast attendees will learn how leveraging PS and PSA assist in:

  • Making a successful transition to becoming a trusted advisor to customers
  • Discovering six behaviors that build and accelerate strong customer relationships
  • Revitalizing professional services business development initiatives
  • Providing organizations a solution to efficiently plan, sell, execute and charge for work
  • Standardizing business processes and providing reports, insight and control for resources and projects.

Whether you outsource or insource PS, or are in the midst of a strategic evaluation over which direction to take, you will benefit from the direct experience of our expert webcast presenters.

Featured Speakers:
  • Bob Caruso, Client Partner, Tribridge
  • Mark Hordes, President, Hordes Consulting

Thursday, October 29: Employee Recognition Programs that Enrich the Customer Experience

Customer-centric companies know how important it is to reward and recognize their employees. They understand that the use of both formal and informal recognition programs as part of their organization's Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy will positively influence employee behaviors and cultivate a culture that puts the customer at the center of its business and with measurable results.

When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve the customer experience. The cost of a recognition system is quite small and the benefits are large when implemented effectively.

This webcast will focus on how to engage and recognize employees who consistently provide superior customer experiences. Our expert panelists will share insights on recognition programs that inspire and engage employees to exceed customers' expectations one experience at a time.

Key take-aways will include:

  • Helping front-line employees realize how their efforts have more impact on customer satisfaction than they realize (little hinges move big doors)
  • How mid- and upper-level managers can motivate their employees to strive for customer service excellence by rewarding their best efforts
  • Understanding why infrequent or irregular recognition may in some cases be worse than no recognition at all
  • Increased revenue and profits are measurable results of effective employee recognition and rewards programs

Featured Speakers:
  • Deborah Merkin, Co-CEO, GiftCard Partners, Inc.
  • Vicki Ravenel, Vice President, Business Development, Ultimate Choice

Thursday, November 12: The Digital Customer Experience is Reinventing the Brand

As your customers move into more and more digital channels, it is imperative that you design a customer experience strategy to meet this challenge and their needs. A mouse click instantly determines your customers' brand experience. How do you create an emotional attribute that will play well on all devices and across all digital channels to ensure the accumulation of mini-experiences throughout their journey is seamless and positive?

In this webcast, our expert panelists will share insights and engagement best practices for creating and implementing a successful digital customer experience strategy.

You will learn how to:

  • Utilize digital channels to boost customer engagement, satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Transform your digital customer experience to attract and retain customers
  • Take advantage of valuable data and insights gained from physical events in your digital channels
  • Leverage digital platforms to take your customer experience to the next level that will grow your portfolio, revenue and profits

Featured Speakers:
  • Gary Sarkesian, Vice President, Customer Success & Account Management, Cvent, Inc.
  • Kristen Yerardi, Vice President of Customer Success, Wordstream Internet Marketing

2014 Webcasts

Wednesday, January 29: Using Speech Analytics to Improve Customer Intelligence

Whether through live phone calls, recorded phone conversations (speech analytics), email, chat, social channels or surveys, a company's contact center is generally its busiest customer touch point. As someone responsible for managing the customer experience, often including contact center operations, you want to capture and analyze every conversation or interaction your agents or representatives have with your customers.

While phone conversations still represent the large percentage of contact center interactions, volumes through other channels are increasing. Customers typically use multiple channels to resolve a single issue, so having a single, integrated platform to capture and analyze both the customer and agent experience is a powerful productivity tool as well as an automated way to gain valuable customer intelligence.

Contact centers are learning that advanced speech analytics can often be this common platform. Speech analytics helps deliver consistently better customer experiences, higher measured satisfaction, customer retention and increased selling effectiveness. Speech analytics also can lead to improved contact center agent performance and helps automate and streamline reporting on various customer-specific metrics as well as critical contact center operational performance.

By attending this webcast, you will gain insight and understanding into dynamics such as the following:

  • Automatically identify agent performance areas of improvement that result in the most favorable customer experiences
  • Learn key facts relating to products, services, processes, or policies that drive negative or positive customer experiences
  • Quickly identify customers at risk and take proactive steps to retain those customers
  • Identify types of calls, groups or individuals that handle calls resulting in the lowest satisfaction ratings
  • Identify those agents and behaviors with the unique ability to turn-around negative customer experiences

Featured Speakers:

  • Scott Kendrick, Vice President of Marketing, CallMiner
  • Martha Brooke, Program Director & Founder, InterAction Metrics

Friday, February 21: CEMNDA Change Management: What's all the Fuss About?

CEMDNA Change Management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a current state where the customer experience is not primary to a desired, future state where the customer is the focus of all decision making. It involves an organizational process aimed at helping stakeholders accept and embrace customer centricity in their business environment.

The objective of implementing CEMDNA Change Management is to develop a management team that is able to lead their respective groups to deliver services that consistently exceed customer expectations. Further, the goal is to transfer these skills to department personnel, resulting in the transformation of an organization's CEM strategy into the company's DNA.

Our expert speakers will discuss CEMDNA Change Management strategies and tactics that have been shown to produce positive bottom-line results. Attendees will gain fresh insight into such areas as:

  • Coordinating the process from the C-Suite down to engage all departments and business units to ensure uniform, enterprise-wide implementation
  • Finding examples in your existing customer base to create account plans for driving customer loyalty, making necessary course corrections to achieve a customer loyalty status
  • Using performance metrics, such as financial results, operational efficiency, leadership commitment, communication effectiveness and the perceived need for change to design appropriate strategies in order to avoid change failures or resolve troubled change projects.

Featured Speakers:
  • Vivian Blade, President & CEO, EiGL Consulting LLC
  • Dennis Gershowitz, Principal, DG Associates
  • Alan Miller, Vice President, CEM Strategies, Omega Management Group Corp.

Thursday, March 27: Using Language Translation Technologies to Improve the Customer Experience

Dealing with customers who speak a different language from you, or even multiple languages, has always been the case outside of the United States. But increasingly, U.S. businesses are facing the same challenge as America has witnessed a dramatic increase in the population of Hispanic, Asian, Arabic and other foreign tongues who often have limited English language skills.

Clearly, contact center staff face challenges in maintaining a consistently high customer experience when interacting with someone using a different language. Telephone and email may be the most obvious interactions where language difficulties arise, but the problem becomes even more widespread with the expanding popularity of online chat and social media/online communities.

It's both unrealistic and cost-prohibitive for a company to train its customer-facing employees to be proficient in multiple foreign languages. Today's webcast focuses on a real-time language translation solution that easily integrates with common chat applications as well as online community applications such as forums, blogs and wikis.

Language translation technology enables English-speaking contact center agents to engage and support multiple non-English speakers in their native languages. This reduces time-to-resolution, builds customer satisfaction, and drives incremental sales. It also reduces support costs by deflecting expensive phone calls and emails to a lower-cost support channel.

This webcast will acquaint you with this powerful technology, and also provide case-history examples of how language translation technology has been implemented successfully. Attendees will gain fresh insight into the following areas:

  • Eliminating language-specific silos
  • Improving search results in all languages
  • Increasing non-English participation
  • Expanding the reach of global super users and moderators
  • Deflecting costly support calls
  • Increasing call center productivity
  • Improving CSAT levels

Featured Speakers:
  • Joe Fiorentino, General Manager & VP Global Software Products, Lionbridge
  • Steve Weston, Managing Partner, EPIC Response, LLC
  • Martha Brooke, Founder, InterAction Metrics

Wednesday, April 23: View From the Top—Building a Customer-Centric Business Culture.

Service leaders know the value of the "wow" factor in customer experience management. But how do you consistently deliver excellence with every customer interaction across your organization? Transformed organizations create customer-focused strategies, thorough in the process design, and hold all service employees accountable for their role in delivering excellence with every customer interaction.

This session focuses on the importance of implementing CEMDNA change management, which takes control of the customer experience and uses that knowledge to drive cultural change within the organization. How? By designing, executing, monitoring, measuring and continuously improving on how the customer experience is handled across the services organizations and all other customer-facing components of the company. The panelists will share their strategies and tactics for implementing CEMDNA change management to gain control of the customer experience and build standards for all departments and business units needed to drive corporate transformation.

Featured Speakers:
  • Dennis Fitzgerald, Vice President, Customer Satisfaction; Yaskawa America
  • Stephanie Sorrell, Director of Service Excellence; Mouser Electronics

Wednesday, May 14: What's the Payoff on a Successful CEM Strategy?

There is overwhelming evidence that providing a consistently superior customer experience results in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. But as with automobile mileage, "your results may vary." So how can an organization truly measure the ROI - or impact payoff - resulting from its commitment to customer experience management (CEM)?

Our panel of experts will discuss the methods, benchmarks and tools they use to drive revenue and profits to establish a competitive edge while strengthening customer relationships. This session will discuss how companies are managing the end-to-end customer experience across multiple touch points to produce verifiable, objective results that underscore the ROI/impact payoff of their CEM strategy. In short, what is the impact of CEM strategy on the Big 4: acquisition, retention, growth and win-back?

  • How many new customers were acquired?
  • How many were retained?
  • How many purchased additional products or services?
  • How many customers left but were won back?

Featured Speakers:
  • Greg Johnson, Managing Director of Worldwide Software Support; Pitney Bowes
  • Marco Bill-Peter, Vice President, Customer Experience & Engagement; Red Hat
  • Mark Hessinger, Senior Vice President, Global Customer Advocacy; Flash Global Logistics

Wednesday, June 24: The Top Crimes in Customer Survey Design and How to Avoid Them

Survey research is about asking the right questions of the right people at the right time. If we can check off these three boxes then the likelihood of delivering action oriented information increases significantly. However, impediments to good survey design are on every corner.

Understanding the nature of the crimes of survey design will enable us to create questionnaires that meet both our clients' (whether internal or external) information needs and be respectful of the respondent's time and thought process.

Join our webinar to learn what the top crimes in survey design are and how to right the wrongs.

We'll cover crimes like:

  • Failure to respect the respondent's time
  • Leading the respondent
  • Failure to use follow-up questions
  • ...And others!

Featured Speakers:
  • Mike Phillips, Director of Feedback Strategy; Cvent
  • Greg Timpany, Senior Marketing Research Manager; Global Knowledge
  • Sam Klaidman, Vice President, Service Strategies; Anthony & Alexander Group LLC

Wednesday, July 23: Cisco's CEM Strategy is Central to its DNA

Cisco Systems, Inc. is one of the most successful and influential companies in the world. Its technology is at the heart of the ever-expanding Internet and cloud infrastructures. Its financial performance is a Wall Street benchmark that influences the behavior of the entire technology sector. Equally as impressive, but not as well known, is the role Cisco's heritage of excellence in customer satisfaction and loyalty has played in its global success.

In our webcast, Cisco executives in charge of its Strategic Listening initiative outline the core components of how the company has made customer experience management (CEM) synonymous with its corporate mission. The speakers will discuss how Cisco collects, measures, analyzes and acts upon the feedback collected from its customers and partners through various surveys and social media conversations.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn best practices in CEMDNA from one of the world's top performing companies.

Featured Speakers:
  • Adrian Vernon, Senior Program Manager, Listening Services Center of Excellence, Cisco
  • Jane Riad, Senior Manager, Listening Services Center of Excellence, Cisco

Thursday, July 24: The Inside Stories Behind Today's Most Successful Customer-Centric Companies.

Join us for an illuminating webcast that reveals the key attributes of companies who have become truly customer centric by mastering the essentials of customer experience management (CEM) strategy and implementation.

You'll hear from Bob Thompson, founder and CEO of research and publishing firm CustomerThink Corporation and CustomerThink.com; and Rob McCabe, VP of Global Support for CA Technologies. CustomerThink is the world's largest online community dedicated to implementing customer-centric strategies. Bob will draw examples from his new book, Hooked on Customers: the Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies. All who register for the webcast qualify for a 30% discount on Bob's book!

Rob McCabe leads a global team of critical situation managers who engage directly with customers to develop and execute remediation plans to stabilize critical situations escalated to CA Technologies executive management. CA provides IT management solutions that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments to support agile business services and accelerate innovation, transform infrastructure and secure data and identities, from the data center to the cloud.

No matter where you are on the road to customer centricity, you're sure to take away valuable ideas from this star-studded webcast.

Featured Speakers:
  • Bob Thompson, Founder & CEO, CustomerThink Corporation
  • Rob McCabe, Vice President, Global Support, CA Technologies

Special Webcast Thursday, September 18: Best Practices in Building a Customer-Centric Organization.

As customer interactions become increasingly sophisticated across multiple channels, it is more important than ever for companies to drive a customer-centric culture. Many organizations, however, still struggle to put the pieces in place to transform their operations, both inside and outside the contact center, as part of a commitment to make customer satisfaction and loyalty a top priority at all levels of the business.

In this complimentary webinar, Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company and winner of several customer service awards, including most recently the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award for world-class excellence in customer service, will highlight their best practices for achieving customer centricity and the strategies and tools used to achieve this level of success.

In addition, Omega Management Group Corp., the creators of the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award, will discuss what important steps companies need to take to truly become customer centric, as well as taking a closer look at the evaluation process for the award.

Featured Speakers:
  • Bill Bradley, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Omega Management Group Corp.
  • Jim Halloran, Vice President, Quality Management Office, Pershing LLC
  • Tim Keough, Vice President, Quality Management Office, Pershing LLC

Thursday, September 25: Engaged Employees Drive Customer Loyalty.

Most companies consider the quality and performance of their employees to be a major business asset. Indeed, many firms list "our people" as their biggest competitive differentiator. It's also true that payroll, benefits and other direct expenses linked to employees are the number one expense item for most organizations. The cost of replacing employees is similar to the cost of acquiring new customers, so you do not want to have a high turnover among either group.

Since employees are the ones who interact most frequently with your external stakeholders, it's obvious that "happy employees" breed satisfied, loyal customers, suppliers, business partners and shareholders. Nevertheless, the vast majority of organizations do not have a formal, structured program in place to engage, reward and retain employees for delivering outstanding customer service or to educate them on strengthening their CEM knowledge and skills.

In this webcast, you will hear from leading business executives on how their companies' employee engagement initiatives have produced measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty along with higher employee retention and growth. Two areas critical to employee engagement are employee recognition & compensation as well as employee training in "soft skills" as well as technical knowledge.

You won't want to miss this valuable webcast outlining how engaged employees lead to more loyal, profitable customer relationships that translate into higher revenue and profits.

Featured Speakers:
  • Kevin Scanlon, Director, Total Customer Experience, EMC
  • Ian Annis, EMEA Director of Strategic Customer Engagement, Red Hat

Thursday, November 20: Using Your Website and Digital Marketing to Deliver Your CEM Strategy.

Virtually all websites are built primarily to attract prospects with content and interactivity intended to convert them as customers for the company's products and services. This is understandable, a constant flow of new business is a necessity.

But a company's website should also recognize the importance of highlighting how its customer experience management (CEM) strategy delivers superior customer satisfaction and loyalty to ensure customers gain maximum value from their investments. After all, prospects have many choices for a given type of product or service, but they don't know how good the customer experience will be until making a financial commitment. If the experience is poor, that new customer will leave, often without the company's knowledge. But a consistently positive customer experience helps retain customers, and satisfied and loyal customers tend to spend more with that company.

In this revealing webcast, Pinnacle Creative Studio, a leader in designing branding strategies and marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes in a range of vertical industries, shares its successful strategies for helping companies present their customer-centric messages effectively using their existing website. Save the Date, a leading event planning company, will also present on this topic.

Key take-aways include:

  • Balancing product/service web content with customer-centric information
  • Proactively engaging prospects to lengthen time on site and improve opt-in behavior
  • Building a password-protected "customer zone" to interact more closely with customers
  • Using content and email marketing along with social media channels to communicate your CEM message with stakeholders and prospects.

Remember, it's customers -- not products and services -- that are the source of all revenue and profits. Don't miss this webcast to gain a better understanding of how your company's website can deliver convincing messages that your customers, as well as prospects, will find compelling.

Featured Speakers:
  • Allen Solomon, CEO, Pinnacle Creative Studio
  • Ariana Stecker, COO, Save the Date

Wednesday, December 17: The Seven Key Characteristics for Successful CEM Leadership

On the occasion of Omega's 30th Anniversary in 2014, we wanted to determine the key leadership characteristics drawn from several hundred companies who have implemented successful customer experience management (CEM) strategies working with our firm.

The key objective for all CEM strategies is to help ensure that customers realize maximum value and success from your solutions. Companies that lacked these key characteristics found their CEM strategy resulted in nothing more than continuously surveying their customers, and failed to maximize the value of their product/service to their customers.

All companies desire to build customers for life. Omega's market research clearly shows only a small percentage is able to reach this objective. Those who possess the seven key characteristics covered in this webcast have truly made continuously exceeding customer expectations part of their company's DNA.

Featured Speakers:
  • Bob Thompson, CEO, CustomerThink
  • Elaine Cascio, Vice President, Vanguard Communications

2013 Webcasts

Thursday, January 24 - Transforming the Customer Experience with Actionable Insight

Customer support involves complexity - customer relationships, products and services, agreements, and support levels. But, when information needed to serve customers is hard to reach, support becomes harder than it needs to be and service levels and customer satisfaction suffer.

For service agents (or your self-service website) to provide contextually relevant responses to customers requires sifting through and making sense of volumes of customer data - an increasingly time-consuming and nearly impossible task. Crucial customer and product information that can help service agents and managers is scattered across systems and teams, forming an overwhelming social and enterprise content clutter that is impossible to integrate.

Join this discussion to learn how to transform your service operations by empowering your team with the right insight, every time in one view. Attendees will also be invited to participate in a limited, free trial of Coveo for Salesforce. Coveo for Salesforce instantly assembles related information from any source - right inside Salesforce - to guide users to who and what they need to win deals and solve cases.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jim Bampos, VP, Customer Quality, EMC Corporation
  • Jim Pendergast, SVP, Customer Advocacy, Sage
  • Ed Shepherdson, SVP, Enterprise Solutions, Coveo
  • Sam Klaidman, VP, Service Strategies Practice, Anthony & Alexander Group LLC

Wednesday, February 20 - Unlock Customer Usage Data to Drive Customer Success

Know your customers and respond appropriately to them. This is key to business success. But how can you know your online customers? Customers browse your website, use your online service, and buy from your e-commerce store without ever talking to you. And how can you respond appropriately to them with the right message at the right time?

Wouldn't it be great if you could gain powerful, real-time usage data insights to better understand your customers? What would it mean to view a real-time activity stream of all customers, or get to know specific customer activity on their user profile? How about being able to automatically score each user's level of engagement, see engagement change over time, and respond appropriately with targeted content and messages right in the customers web experience?

With the advent of big data technologies, these capabilities are actually available today. Attend this eye-opening webcast to learn more about enhancing the customer experience by unlocking customer usage data to drive customer success.

Featured Speakers:

  • Karl Wirth, CEO/Co-Founder, Apptegic
  • Robert Johnson, President & CEO, Team Support
  • Dennis Gershowitz, VP, Service Strategies Practice, Anthony & Alexander Group LLC

Wednesday, April 24 - Managing the Customer Experience by Measuring the Impact Payoff

There is overwhelming evidence that providing a consistently superior customer experience results in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. But as with automobile mileage, "your results may vary." So how can an organization truly measure the ROI - or impact payoff - resulting from its commitment to customer experience management (CEM)?

Getting a firm grip on this question can justify budget requirements for CRM investments and staff resources necessary to develop, maintain or even expand a customer-centric philosophy. But the impact payoff also can demonstrate the value of a CEM culture to those who may not already be convinced of the wisdom and logic of a corporate commitment to customer and employee engagement excellence.

Companies strive for five-star rating results on customer satisfaction and loyalty, and then leverage this insight for bottom line improvements and competitive advantage. Companies are analyzing each and every customer experience, but practices in how to gain competitive advantage through CEM strategy and customer intelligence are constantly evolving.

Our panel of experts will discuss the methods, benchmarks and tools they use to drive revenue and profits to establish a competitive edge while strengthening customer relationships. This session will discuss how companies are managing the end-to-end customer experience across multiple touch points to produce verifiable, objective results that underscore the ROI/impact payoff of their CEM strategy.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Defining specific, measurable outcomes that justify CEM strategy investments
  • Re-designing a customer experience strategy in a lower-cost environment
  • Establishing and retaining a customer-centric culture in a commodity marketplace
  • Designing and implementing a consistent customer experience strategy across multiple touch points.

Featured Speakers:

  • Gael Lundeen, VP, Customer Experience, Pitney Bowes
  • Dennis Fitzgerald, VP, Customer Satisfaction, Yaskawa
  • Dennis Gershowitz, VP, Service Strategies Practice, Anthony & Alexander Group LLC

Wednesday, July 24 - Engaging Employees to Drive Customer Loyalty

Watch Recorded Webcast

There is convincing evidence that employee engagement drives customer satisfaction/loyalty, and corporate revenues, by paying careful attention to who is hired, how they are trained, how they are coached, and how they are treated on the job.

Studying employees' perceptions offers insight into their knowledge of customer satisfaction and loyalty. If employees incorrectly believe customers are satisfied, it is unlikely that changes will be made in product or service levels to attempt to satisfy customers. Likewise, if employees incorrectly believe customers are dissatisfied, changes in products or services that could adversely affect customer satisfaction could be implemented.

Employee satisfaction and loyalty are, therefore, crucial components of customer experience management (CEM) programs designed to maximize long-term corporate profitability. As a result, an inclusive employee and customer satisfaction/loyalty program can be considered a source of future profits.

For years most managers believed that focusing on motivators of customer satisfaction would lead to more loyal customers, who tend to be the most profitable customers (i.e., repeat business is usually the most profitable). This webcast will highlight the criticality of the relationship between employee attitudes and customer satisfaction. The speakers will explore how employees feel about their impact on not only their work experience, but also on tangible business outcomes such as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Featured Speakers:

  • Greg Rhoads, VP, Worldwide Select Support, Bentley Systems
  • Dan Conlon, Director of Service Operations, Dealertrack Technologies
  • Dennis Gershowitz, VP, Service Strategies Practice, Anthony & Alexander Group LLC

Wednesday, August 28 - Building a Strategy to Win Back Lost Customers

Watch Recorded Webcast

No matter how well you have designed and implemented your customer experience management (CEM) strategy, it's inevitable that you will lose customers. If they are key accounts, you probably want to win them back. If they are not key accounts, the tendency is to want to re-engage them, but first you need to think hard about the profitability of each account. Some customers consume much more service/support resources than they contribute in revenue, referrals and name recognition, so you really will not miss them should they leave. In this webcast, our expert presenters will share how they have designed and implemented effective, proactive strategies to successfully retain customers and re-establish profitable relationships with former customers who were lost to their competition or for other business reasons. The strategy also applies to relationship recovery, which emphasizes retention and preventing customer defection in the first place. Steps involved in creating a win-back strategy include the following:

  • Contact and survey each lost customer to identify the reasons for termination their relationship with you. This will help determine the key drivers for re-entry.
  • Develop and implement a recapture program based on survey results above. Identify the strategic and/or profitable accounts you want to win back and implement a recapture program.
  • Prevent future attrition by focusing on the primary key drivers for termination, and determine recurring systemic issues that are causing problems.

On average, companies have a 20% customer defection rate. Research has shown that cutting defections in half doubles a firm's growth rate, and reducing customer defections by just 5 percent increases overall profits by 30 percent. Simply stated, you won't want to miss this insightful webcast.

Featured Speakers:

  • Martin Harris, Global Director, Escalation Management & Service Relationships, Pitney Bowes
  • Vivian Hairston Blade, President & CEO, EiGL Consulting
  • Sam Klaidman, Principal Adviser, Middlesex Consulting

Wednesday, October 23 - CEM Communications That Drive Customer Loyalty

View Recorded Webcast

View Presentation Slides

By now, we all accept as fact that maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty has become a key driver of profitable business growth. We also recognize that a deeply rooted customer experience management (CEM) strategy is needed to attract, retain, grow and win-back customers to reach this objective.

Like most organizations, you probably have defined and implemented a successful CEM program. But when it comes to marketing, Omega has found that even the most customer-driven companies often fail to capitalize on their most valuable asset: best-in-class customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So it's vital to have formal communications with your key stakeholders. These are the internal and external groups whom you've been surveying and analyzing all along. By now, they naturally are curious about what it all means.

If you don't communicate transparently on the results of your CEM strategy, then you risk losing credibility with your stakeholders and invite them to assume the findings must be negative - why else would keep this information under wraps?

In this webcast, the speakers discuss the positive impact on customer loyalty resulting from their CEM stakeholder communications programs. The content covers the strategic goals and tactical implementation of their programs, including:

  • Branding the CEM program as part of the company's core identity (DNA)
  • Engaging employees to be champions of customer success
  • Closing the loop with customers to ensure long-term loyalty
  • Making CEM an integral component of their corporate marketing

Featured Speakers:

  • Sami Hero, VP, Global Customer Experience & Management, Wolters Kluwer
  • Pat Minder, Services Marketing Manager, Pitney Bowes
  • Martha Brooke, Program Director & Founder, InterAction Metrics

2012 Webcasts

Thursday, June 28 - Building Customers For Life

View Presentation Slides

Learn how to develop and implement a successful CEM Strategy from industry experts and CEM professionals.

This webcast highlights how companies like EMC Corporation, Cisco Systems and Pitney Bowes are implementing Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategies to drive revenue and profits by consistently exceeding customer expectations for service quality. They know that making CEM Strategy part of their corporate DNA is key to building long-term, profitable customer relationships while branding their organization as being customer centric.

This webcast is co-sponsored by Coveo, whose enterprise search platform transforms companies' ability to gain insight from diverse and overwhelming amounts of unstructured and structured data-including customer analytics and related reporting-whether it exists behind the firewall, in the cloud or in social media.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jim Bampos, VP, Customer Quality, EMC Corporation
  • Curt Hill, VP, Technical Support Services, Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Karen D. Lim, VP, Worldwide Software Support, Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Sam Klaidman, VP, Service Strategies Practice, Anthony & Alexander Group LLC.

Thursday, July 26 - Big Data Competitive Analytics That Drive Loyalty

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The latest buzz-word in business is Big Data. This term refers to the idea that companies can extract value from collecting, processing and analyzing vast quantities of data. Businesses that can get a better handle on this data will be more likely to outperform those companies who cannot.

This informative, hands-on webcast delves into the Big Data discussion using a customer-centric approach. Panelists cover the data-driven practices, skills, tools and techniques for continually analyzing business performance and exploring new ways of gaining a competitive advantage. Competitive analytics provide actionable insight relative to decision makers, recommenders and influencers according to loyalty and satisfaction scores. The technology also makes it possible to combine satisfaction and operational data to gain further insight into purchase behavior by nature of the job or role within a customer organization.

This webcast is co-sponsored by TCELab, whose team of professionals is focused on improving how companies collect, synthesize and analyze business data to help improve the customer experience, increase customer loyalty and maximize business growth.

Featured Speakers:

  • Hal Bloom, VP, Market Research, Sage North America
  • Dennis Fitzgerald, VP, Customer Satisfaction, Yaskawa America Inc.
  • Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D., Chief Customer Officer, TCELab
  • Dennis Gershowitz, VP, Service Strategies Practice, Anthony & Alexander Group LLC

Thursday, August 16 - Turning Contact Centers Into Gold

View Presentation Slides

Contact centers are the central nervous system for many organizations. How well contact center agents interact with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers is critical to creating a consistently superior customer experience.

This informative, hands-on webcast will cover proven ways of ushering in a new era of customer relationships driven by effective contact center operations:

* New best practices in optimizing contact center services to best serve today's empowered customers

* Adding social media and other communications channels to phone, email and online chat interactions

* Maintaining a sharp focus on the pulse of the customer experience in the face of multiple communications touch points

* Leveraging customer input and interaction to enrich your CRM knowledge base and CEM strategy

* Ways to harness the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to improve customer loyalty and build better products, services and processes

This month's webcast is co-sponsored by EPIC Connections who provide a no-cost service assisting clients with their customer contact initiatives by applying a consultative approach to outsourcing.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mary Murcott, CEO & President, NOVO1 Contact Centers
  • Amy McCarty, Vice President, Client Solutions & Customer Experience, APAC Customer Services, Inc.
  • Lynn Hinderaker, Director of Marketing, EPIC Connections
  • Vivian Hairston Blade, President & CEO, EiGL Consulting

Thursday, September 27 - Emotionally Connecting with Customers in Today's Mobile World

View Presentation Slides

Learn how to penetrate the heart of the mobile customer.

We all know that mobile communications has radically changed the landscape of our culture and commerce. But less understood is that the heavy use of smart phones and tablets for conducting business also introduces a new dynamic to managing the customer experience.

This webcast is intended to help customer care professionals understand the powerful people behind the multi-channel mobile revolution. Webcast attendees will learn how to capture and maintain brand loyalty among mobile device users by:

  • Building a new mindset: using technology to penetrate the heart of the customer.
  • Surrounding them with proactive messaging via text or chat.
  • Reinforcing the brand personality, pointing the way to additional products/services that enhance quality of life.
  • Serving and keeping customers beyond transactions, pushing companies toward brand-based relationship building.

This month's webcast is co-sponsored by EPIC Connections who provide a no-cost service assisting clients with their customer contact initiatives by applying a consultative approach to outsourcing.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lynn Hinderaker, Director of Marketing, EPIC Connections
  • Ray Levitzki, SVP, Global Operations, Etech Global Services
  • Dr. Roger Selbert, Editor & Publisher, Growth Strategies Group

Thursday, November 1 - Leveraging Support Technologies to Fuel Customer Engagement

View Presentation Slides

In today's competitive environment, organizations must focus on customer satisfaction to differentiate themselves and reduce customer churn. But becoming a best-in-class customer care organization is no easy task. Companies must consider and span the full spectrum of support their clients demand, all while reducing costs. So how do you know where to begin?

Join Aren Barge, VP of Technical Operations at PC software and security software vendor iS3, as he shares insights from the front lines of his company's customer support organization about leveraging support technology to optimize their customer care practices. In addition, Peter Zeinoun, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LogMeIn, will discuss how multi-channel support technologies can help create more effective agents and happier, more loyal customers.

This webcast is co-sponsored by LogMeIn who provide solutions for remote control, file sharing, systems management, data backup, business collaboration and on-demand customer support of PCs, servers, Macintosh computers, smartphones and other connected devices.

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